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Jetstream Electrical is the Northern Territory distributor for FES Tanks, one of Australia’s foremost manufacturers of fuel storage tanks for every business, from small to large-scale commercial and industrial operations.

Above Ground Self-Bunded Fuel Tanks

Above ground single skin tanks require a bund to ensure any leaks from the tank can be sustained. These bunds require continual maintenance & up keep to meet the requirements of environmental legislation. Relocating these tanks to a different locations requires several thousands of dollars in setup & preparation.

With an FES self-bunded the tanks have an integrated second wall that contains any spill and has done away with the need to build expensive bunds. This creates more flexibility to position & dispatch tanks to a particular location, It also allows flexibility and options to meet specific needs of our customers & clients. FES tanks can be easily loaded onto a truck, transported and dropped at a new location

This means they are ready to use immediately with no expensive site work needed.

Why Should You Use An FES Tank?

FES Tanks are designed for easy use and easy maintenance. They are made from high quality materials with a durable protective coating for tough weather conditions and are designed with a Safe Fill Level 10 per cent greater than the standard, so you can go longer between refills. FES Tanks also have engineered an industry first by having a domed roof to prevent any water pooling on tank tops which protects the Tank top from pooling water.

Because they are designed with lockable dual manways for easy cleaning and maintenance and are made from materials compatible with a range of fuels, they’ll keep your fuel in top condition for longer.

GRANDE Tankware – Large Tanks for High Volumes of Fuel Usage

Designed to meet all Australian safety standards, FES Grande tanks are ideal for high volume, high turnover refuelling environments. These durable tanks are ideal for all types of fuel, including petroleum and diesel. They are easily installed and simply drop shipped into place.

Tank sizes range from 12,000 litres to 100,000+ litres.

They are completely self-bunded and once on site they are ready to connect to mains power, fill and go. Securely bolted doors open on to a fully self-contained bunded area for safe, measured fuel dispensing and filling.

Within the bunded area is a standard supply line or suction line for connecting to a variety of dispensing applications. The fill line, also in the bunded area, comes with an isolation valve and and an 80 mm camlock filling.

BLOC Tankware – Smaller and Convenient Fuel Storage Solutions

Our BLOC tanks are designed for the business that have bulk storage requirements but at smaller capacities. These tanks can store volumes from 1,000 litres up to 10,000 litres. They are light, modular and mobile and offer a great storage solution with flexible options.

The flexibility of the BLOC tanks allows for tank and pumping combinations to suit your own situation.

Isolated locations, farms, construction sites, back -up generator fuel storage: the applications are endless. We have also devised a totally unique solar driven application for pumping fuel with no mains power. These BLOC tanks really will improve your fuel management.

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