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Window wall systems or single air conditioning units may do for one particular room in your home, but if you have a large area to cover and you want even coverage of cooling air throughout, you can’t go past a split air conditioning system. Not only do they tend to be more efficient for domestic house- holds but are also quieter indoors during operation.

Split system air-conditioning has many advantages:

  • flexible in size and don’t take up floor space
  • simple and effective
  • easier to install than other systems
  • even distribution of air
  • save money and be greener

Jetstream Electrical can provide you with properly installed and extensively tested air conditioning. Beware of any installers who want to install their systems in under 3 hours—they may not be properly tested and may leak greenhouse gases. So let Jetstream Electrical cool you and your family and enjoy the territory lifestyle.

Why choose us?

  • Territory Owned and Operated
  • A-Grade Customer Service
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • High Quality Standards to keep you and your family safe