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Rental Tanks

Jetstream has a large inventory of self-bunded fuel tanks available for short & long term rental

When you need new fuel tanks and dispensing systems, but don’t want a big cash outlay, fuel tank hire or leasing can be a viable option. Instead of tying up capital, you reduce your outlay to a regular monthly payment, which keeps your cash flow healthy. It’s flexible too – as your needs change, you can upgrade or add additional equipment.

Whether you require a tank for a short term construction or mining project, Jetstream has multiple tank rental options to suit your needs.

Tanks can be configured with:

  • Diesel Engine Driven Transfer Pumps
  • Hi/Low Flow Bowser options (for both NMI retail sales & NON NMI Applications)
  • Fuel Management System (FMS) with cards or Tags
  • Solar Options for both pump & FMS applications

Current Stock:

  • 10,000 L with 240 volt Pump Kit
  • 4500 L with 240 Volt Pump Kit
  • 1000 L with hand pump
  • 2500 L with hand pump
  • 68,000 L with Diesel Driven Pump

Why choose us?

  • Territory Owned and Operated
  • A-Grade Customer Service
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • High Quality Standards to keep you and your family safe