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GSM Technology

GSM Units connect to the mobile phone network and can thereby operate and monitor almost any device like a wireless remote control. Combine a GSM unit with a CCTV digital video recording unit and monitor your premises via iPhone or PC and feel more secure while you are away.

Electrical devices a GSM unit can control:

  • Roller Doors Electric
  • Gates Motors Air-Conditioners Lights
  • Power Outlets
  • Door Locks
  • Arcade Gaming Machines
  • Computer Servers


  • authorised caller database
  • no call charges
  • weatherproof and UV-resistant enclosures
  • 240 V and 12 V units and solar kits available
  • 12 months warranty

Jetstream Electrical has been a leader in installing, programming and commissioning this technology for many years. With GSM technology changing and evolving everyday the cost of equipment has dropped significantly and can now be offered to the domestic market at an affordable price—let a GSM unit make life just a little easier.

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