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  • Window wall systems or single air conditioning units may do for one particular room in your home, but if you have a large area to cover and you want even coverage of cooling air throughout, you can’t go past a split air conditioning system. Not only do they tend to be more efficient for domestic house- holds but are also quieter indoors during operation.

  • Experiencing a Production breakdown?

    Jetstream Electrical can help! With all of our technicians having spent their whole careers working in production environments we ensure that your problem is solved in the shortest time possible. We are available 24/7 every day of the year. Our expert technicians will provide you with prompt, accurate fault diagnosis that is second to none.

  • Enhance your lifestyle with smart home automation. Integrate all the electrical devices in your house with each other and telecontrol them conveniently and securely from the control panel, a personal computer or even over the internet. Home automation can also improve the quality of life for persons who might otherwise require caregivers or institutional care.

  • Jetstream Electrical cater for installation and repairs to all fuel dispensers and fuel farm sites across the Northern Territory.

    With a large inventory of spare parts the team at Jetstream Electrical can diagnose and repair your fuel equipment with minimal fuss. The installation team is able to design and install your next fuel system in the most remote parts of the Northern Territory.

    Our staff have extensive experience in fuel calibration and hold NMI servicing licenses to carry out calibration to fuel dispensing equipment.

  • GSM Units connect to the mobile phone network and can thereby operate and monitor almost any device like a wireless remote control. Combine a GSM unit with a CCTV digital video recording unit and monitor your premises via iPhone or PC and feel more secure while you are away.

  • Jetstream Electrical has suitable qualified hazardous area electricians to assist with any project or repair. The company carries out work for several oil companies regularly and has extensive experience in hazardous area inspections and audits.

  • We provide Electrical coverage to your production line on either a short or long term basis. All of our technicians have spent their whole careers working in the industrial maintenance industry. All of our guys are trained in all aspects of fault finding and the rectification of breakdowns. All have experience working with plcs, variable speed drives, schematic diagrams, etc. So no matter what your process we will be able to provide you with the support you require!

  • Jetstream Electrical specializes in remote electrical and data services: Our team is equipped with aircraft, pilots, electricians and telecommunication technicians who are ready to assist your business or property with all your electrical and communication needs.

  • Jetstream has a large inventory of self-bunded fuel tanks available for short & long term rental

    When you need new fuel tanks and dispensing systems, but don’t want a big cash outlay, fuel tank hire or leasing can be a viable option. Instead of tying up capital, you reduce your outlay to a regular monthly payment, which keeps your cash flow healthy. It’s flexible too – as your needs change, you can upgrade or add additional equipment.

  • Jetstream Electrical is the Northern Territory distributor for FES Tanks, one of Australia’s foremost manufacturers of fuel storage tanks for every business, from small to large-scale commercial and industrial operations.

  • For the setup of long range wireless networks the team at Jetstream Electrical uses computer software and technical mathematical formulas to carefully assign the placement of a wireless access points or repeaters.

    This accompanied by a proven installation method by connecting the units to a portable power source and testing the signal and operational strength with a hand held device. This ensures the device operates correctly, effectively and ensures smooth data transfer across the network prior to permanently mounting the unit.

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